Bring Health & Fitness to Your Employees.

Healthy Presentations

Having a Lunch n' Learn so your team can get the latest health and fitness information on-site. Here is a just a few of the topics offered. Contact us for the detailed list of all the health and wellness presentations available.

On-Site Fitness Classes

Gym or no on-site gym. We can clear out a conference room and have a bootcamp or yoga class. We can bring the equipment and incorporate what you already have on-site.

Personal Health Coaching

Employees can spend one-on-one time with a health coach for there best health.

Healthier & Happier Employees = Better Business

Recruiting and retaining key employees is key for your business. With Americans spending more time at work, so great businesses like your, large and small, are turning to wellness programs to influence healthy living choices of employees and their families. 

There are different programs that companies like to have on-site for their employees. They range from brown bag luncheons to 6-8 week workshops to chair time workouts. We are here to help support you with on-site exercise classes, wellness seminars, ergonomics and more.


We Provide On-Site Corporate Wellness Programs in Chandler, Ahwatukee, Tempe, Gilbert and Phoenix, Arizona


Serving Companies and Employees Nationally with Webinars and Telecoaching.

Just A Few of the Companies We Have Served Over the Years:

J.P. Morgan Chase | University of Phoenix | Apollo Group | Sundt Construction 

Benefit Commerce Group | National Bank of Arizona | CopperPoint Mutual

FNF Construction | KEO Marketing | Modern Industries

Chevron | Bayer | Nestle | Camden Communities

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Corporate Fitness Programs

Corporate fitness training is a great way to get your fitness regimen to a quick start. This training works for everyone from the novice to even the most advanced person.

Group Fitness training includes calisthenics, kickboxing, strength training and body sculpting with resistance bands, and various aerobic attributes to get the most of the workout. We combine muscle building while keeping your heart rate up to maximize your results.

The On-Site Yoga classes are a user-friendly style based on hatha yoga. This blend is accessible, understandable, and doable by individuals at any level of fitness with benefits ranging from improving strength, coordination and flexibility all while reducing stress.

Benefits of On-Site Health & Fitness Programing

Corporate fitness programs are an inexpensive way to boost productivity, lower healthcare cost, and increase morale, while keeping employees happy.

We can work in any conference room and provide all the equipment.

  • Employees get in better shape
  • Reduce Stress
  • Increase morale and camaraderie
  • Improve teamwork and internal communication
  • Boost productivity
  • Lower healthcare cost
  • Increase employee retention rate
  • Create a "fun working environment"
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Better problem solving and mental agility
  • And offering a competitive edge

Types of Fitness Classes Offered

Yoga - The Yoga classes are a user-friendly style based on hatha yoga. This
blend is accessible, understandable, and doable by individuals at any level of
fitness with benefits ranging from improving strength, coordination and
flexibility all while reducing stress.
Core Challenge - This training focuses on the torso with specific core conditioning to increase your core strength & improve your posture, energy, & flexibility. We’ll leave feeling energized and standing tall.
Pilates - Lengthen your muscles and improve your core strength and
increase flexibility, which intern strengthen your entire body.
Yogalites - Combination of yoga and Pilates.
Therapeutic Stretch - Tennis Balls and Foam Rollers included. Often called
the “poor man’s message.” Great for athletes or employees that have
repetitive motion patterns. We’ll focus on any areas of tightness and tension
for the participants.
Bootcamp - Feel the burn while building the muscle. Optional equipment
include bands, fitness ladders, cones and mats. Serious about getting fit?
This is pure, weight-losing, muscle-toning calisthenics! Boot Camp uses
circuit-training, stretching, calisthenics, progressive overload principles, and
core training to get you in shape. Creating a stronger, fitter, tighter you!, All
fitness levels are welcome. Bring water and a towel.
Kickboxing - Punch, kick and move it! This class pulls out all the stops with
drills for the upper and lower body.

Fitness Any Location!

We can work in a conference room and provide all the equipment for these classes.
Employees can choose to bring their own yoga mat. And proper attire and athletic
shoes will be required for the Bootcamp and Kickboxing.

And don't forget, if you include Wellness Workshops or Health Coaching to your worksite it helps the cost of the pricing to be reduced.

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Corporate Wellness Testimonials

"5 stars all the way. I was fortunate that my company chose Iron Belle to offer a daily fitness program during our conference in Phoenix. Can't say enough good things about Leslie Harrington, her energy and know-how was only surpassed by her encouragement and skill. Great classes - from our Boot Camp to Core (still feeling it) to Yoga - top notch all the way. I highly recommend Iron Belle! Wish I could take that class variety every week! Thank you Leslie!"

-Diana Zang Bernard - January 2016

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